1. Where are you located?
We are located in Hyderabad, India.

  2. What is your Photography forte?
Your special day is our auspicious moment to click and capture. We not only blend in with you and your family but also will continue to be your best friends with sheer comfort and no compromise on getting your dream pictures to perfection. All the elements in the day and further will inevitably captured by the team to promise you an impressive collectables to cherish forever!

3. How big is your team?
We are as big as you want us to be! Based on the scale of the event, we shall never make you feel unattended or left out. Our men will capture ‘the-all-shades-in-you’.
1-4 Photographers/Cinematographers according to the requisites posted.

4. Do you also make films? What's your approach like?
Yes, we make films with true emotions and enchanting authenticity. We don’t just record, we film the emotion knitting a magical minutes video to take you back in time every-time it is played. Check our films page, we are pretty sure you’d want us to make you one!

5. What are your deliverables like?
A full set of 700-1000 pictures for a 2-day wedding.
For our films, it is one version of your wedding film:
•    A 4-6 minute short film, or
•    A 12-20 minute longer film.

6. Can we see a complete gallery from a wedding that you’ve previously shot?
A big yes, we indeed would love to have you on the journey of witnessing the magic we captured previously. We would like to have you full of enthusiasm and excitement! These links are included in our first communication with you after you submit an inquiry here.

7. What is the mode of delivery of pictures?
We deliver a neatly organized password-protected online gallery. You will be able to easily download these images in i) full resolution for print and ii) web resolution for easy sharing over social media.

8. What are your delivery timelines like?
All clients usually see their initial preview of images within a week from the wedding. The entire set of digital photos is delivered in 4-8 weeks from the day of the last event. For the films, we work on the edit to handover to you the best-ever, a real flaw-less reel. It usually takes us anywhere between 3-6 months to get to this point.

It’s your time to get clicked !

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